Why WP.codes?

WP.codes takes responsibility for managing your infrastructure, provides access through modern tools and developer workflows to assist in updates, and offers coding services to facilitate small changes to your site.

  • Address: 4408 Spicewood Springs Rd,
    Austin, TX 78757 USA
  • Phone: 1-512-731-8114
  • Email: admin@wp.codes

Digital marketing has seen an unprecedented amount of change over the last decade. There are more marketing technologies now than there ever have been in the history of the world. Running campaigns with a decent marketing mix requires more staff than often expected or budgeted for. We've been in Digital Marketing for over a decade and have noticed many disturbing trends. The big companies are dominating the small companies. The sophistication divide is getting wider and the reality is that smaller companies are going to have to get extremely creative in offerings and service levels.

As software has become cheaper and cheaper to produce, along with more and more insights from data driven marketing campaigns, the number of options available is too many. Take a look at this chart, it highlights the number of companies that are offering some sort of marketing solution. If you purchased a single product in every box you'd spend you're entire day simply logging into the systems. Much less learning enough to optimize to a desired outcome.

We built WP.Codes for a very simple reason, we believe that Developer Operations, Digital Marketing, Websites, and Marketing Technology are converging at a rapid pace. We've been part of many projects that are simply broken. They are broken because of accountability, focus, lack of resources, foundation building, ignorance from both consultant and client, and a gigantic lack of time.

WP.Codes aims to help companies normalize the marketing technology by maintaing a solid foundation for the business to build from. Clarity and understanding are the first deliverable for any new project. We accomplish this task with our menu of items for purchase. You know what we are doing because we communicate it to you. If we have extra hours that are not used in a given month, we roll them over. If there is a big project and you need outside resources to handle the coding, we simply give your team a key and we manage the access.

The strategy of everyone having every password is over. The strategy of giving your entire server infrastructure over to your website coders is over. Ignoring back ups, updates, and maintainability of your infrastructure is over. WP.Codes steps in and handles it all. Give us a ring and find out more.